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Garden Guide: Food you can grow anywhere

You can have fresh produce in 2 weeks if you grow microgreens.

Alex Calamia

May 1, 2024, 10:07 AM

Updated 51 days ago


You may have heard gardening takes a lot of patience; but have you heard or microgreens? Start them today and you can get a delicious harvest in just two weeks!
Microgreens are young vegetable plants, harvested just after sprouting. These tiny sprouts have big flavor and vibrant color. They’re also packed with nutrients.
Microgreens are incredibly easy to grow. Here’s a guideline to get you started:
1. Choose a pack of seeds. Most leafy greens make great microgreens! Some of the most popular are radish, broccoli, peas, and even sunflowers. Basil is a little more challenging but makes a delicious microgreen.
2. Sow the seeds: Prepare a tray by poking holes for drainage and sprinkle the entire seed packet evenly over soil. Use soil formulated for seedlings. Since these seedlings won’t grow for a very long time before harvest, you can crowd the seeds quite a bit!
3. Water and cover: Spray the seeds with a water bottle and cover the tray with a plastic or glass lid. This will trap moisture.
4. Prevent mold: Mix 1/3 hydrogen peroxide with water spray and put a fan near your plants. This will reduce mold and fungal growth.
5. Provide light: Place the tray in a well-lit area, preferably near a window with indirect sunlight or use a lamp. Most plants need lots of bright light to grow strong, but because microgreens are harvested young they can grow in low light.
6. Harvest: Once the microgreens have developed their first set of true leaves, usually within 2-4 weeks, cut them just above the soil line to enjoy! After harvest, you can compost the remainder of the plant. Most microgreens will not send up new sprouts after harvest.

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